Systems and applications I worked with

Content Management Systems: On Linux / PHP Drupal, Joomla!, b2evolution, Mambo, PHP Nuke, TYPO3, Wordpress, XOOPS, PHP Wiki, Expression Engine. On Windows .NET, DotNetNuke.

Web shops: osCommerce (php), Magento Commerce (php),

I have also worked with many more web applications such as discussion forums, picture galleries and much more.

Most recent web sites I made

  1. Wordpress KGZ Seminars (2011-2021)
  2. Wordpress Garaget Loppis & Second Hand (2010-2011)
  3. Wordpress Avfallsteknik Skandinavien AB (2008-2010)
  4. Wordpress Service Link Skandinavien AB (2009-2010)
  5. Wordpress Heidrun Bryggeriet (2010-2021)
  6. Wordpress Svenska Bujinkanförbundet (1998-2021)
  7. Wordpress Bujinkan ME (2008-2021)
  8. Wordpress Bujinkan Kaigozan dojo (1995-2021)
  9. Wordpress Bujinkan Kabutoshimen (1995-2021)
  10. Magento Commerce Budo Shop (2005-2021)

  11. API, json, php Kaigozan Infosida 2011-2021
  12. API, json, php STHLM Beer Revelation 2012-2021